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Very punctual.. staffs helpful almost 2 years

Aine Muy almost 2 years

Do not take the GTVC boat if you need to go to Coconut Beach, as they will not go there. They only have one stop on Koh Rong, at the community pier, and will not stop anywhere else. We had to forfeit these tickets and buy new ones for Buva Sea instead.

Vanessa almost 2 years

Departure on time although it stopped in every pier even though we bought directly to long set beach. Free bottle of cold water. They put our backpacks in a different area because we were leaving on the last stop which was useful.

No almost 2 years

Nice boat. Staff were good - helped with bags. Left a bit later than schedule but arrived in good time. Free bottles of water given out. Had printed online ticket only which went ok. They dont announce departure but pier is small so its easy to keep track

John-paul Upton almost 2 years

Excellent. Safe. Travelled with our 9 and 10 year old daughters, no issues at all.

Rhian widdowson about 2 years

Left and arrived on time. But confusing once on the pier. Make sure you check in with the staff before your time to get on boat. Staff were fine and boat was a good standard!

Anne sophie about 2 years

Trajet impeccable, rien à dire. Le départ n’était pas sur le ponton, mais un bus nous amène au bon endroit donc super! Au retour un peu de retard, mais vu la grosse pluie c'est normal!!

Roger about 2 years

Deb G about 2 years

Scott Howlett about 2 years

Very unhappy. We were not informed that the boat was going from another location so we missed it and had to wait 3 hours. I bought a ticket to SokSan beach but we were left at the main Koh Rong wharf and had to pay for 3 motorbikes to our destination.

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