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B 6 months

Bus left just a few minutes after schedule and actually asked passengers to wear their masks. Much better experience with this company than another, which left an hour and a half late and let people ride without masks. Would recommend them.

dl 6 months

very good

Traveller 175366 6 months

ម៉ាសុីនត្រជាក់ឡានអត់ត្រជាក់សោះ សូមជួយពិនិត្យមើលផងបាទ

Luca 6 months

Luca 6 months

Fred 6 months

No seat belts = dangerous. Picked locals up from their guesthouse but not foreigners.

Traveller 593 7 months

Driver is so rude

Traveller 166764 7 months

I lost an item on this trip and the staff and Kimseng Express was really amazing and helpful. They were able to locate it and arrange with my friend to get it back to me. Thank you to everyone who helped! I will give you six stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Traveller 593 7 months

Traveller 166764 7 months

Driver was kind enough to wait for me when I was running a few minutes late. Fastest ride from Kep to Kampot :) thank you!

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