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Traveller 6232 3 months

J max L 3 months

Driver texting and driving continuously,tailgating slower car sounding horn. Driver gets angry. He dangerously undertook then started shouting and being abusive Then brake tested slow

Traveller 6232 3 months

Leang 4 months

Everything is good. The car is new and convenient. However, I hate how the driver continuously used phone and keep calling while he was driving. And he even continuously picked up new customers along the way after he got the call.

0 4 months

Nice travelling 4 months

Nice driver, comfortable and we arrived in time. Can recommend it.

0 4 months

Traveller 178831 4 months

刘 发明 4 months

Anthea Cox 4 months

Very good journey. Safe, comfortable and punctual. We will book again.

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