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Traveller 168957 5 months

Bob 5 months

Bus was about 35 minutes late with pick-up. Driver was going very fast/some stops were clearly not scheduled. While normally, very good service, company does need to pay attention to drivers And, if late with pickup, please inform customers.

Bob 5 months

Excellent service. First quality transport. Highly recommend

Heng Seangly 5 months


Gus 5 months

Insane driver, irresponsible & dangerous driving. Asked him if he could slow down and didn’t. Please train your drivers, we where genuinely scared for our lives. Also the bus was filled with cargo, super dangerous aswel if we have to break hard. Awfull.

Traveller 145718 5 months

Traveller 145718 5 months

Traveller 132209 5 months


Traveller 79034 5 months

Traveller 168589 5 months

I really like your service.

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