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V Protector 4 months


V Protector 4 months

Anonymous 4 months

The driver from Kampot to Kep is so rude, and not respect traffic law. How can this review change the driver attitude?

David Wilkinson 4 months

Very safe driver. However my seat (4) had a seatbelt that did not work. Please check and repair this so all passengers can be safe.

Traveller 127219 4 months

B 4 months

Bus left just a few minutes after schedule and actually asked passengers to wear their masks. Much better experience with this company than another, which left an hour and a half late and let people ride without masks. Would recommend them.

dl 4 months

very good

Traveller 175366 4 months

ម៉ាសុីនត្រជាក់ឡានអត់ត្រជាក់សោះ សូមជួយពិនិត្យមើលផងបាទ

Luca 4 months

Luca 4 months

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