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Traveller 248377 5 days

Bobo 5 days

Overloaded luggage. Noisy people

Yu 9 days

Perfect drive 👍🏻 fantastic

Dave of England 10 days

Very good journey, made up some time due to late departure. Staff were very efficient at bus depot and very polite

Sam Es 11 days

The journey was nice, they make two stops in case you want something to eat, drink or use the restrooms.

Vincent 15 days

The driver almost left without us while we were having lunch. We will never take Larryta again.

Too Hot 19 days

The AC was broken I think and it was a very hot trip from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. Felt it was a bit much with the price point.

Jocelyne 19 days

I've traveled multiple times with Larryta, and have yet to be disappointed! They are very helpful at the bus station, and are great at directing passengers to the correct bus

Joce 19 days

Great service! Bus was on time, seats were comfortable, and the driver was good.

Traveller 110998 20 days


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