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Horia about 2 months

Traveller 240204 about 2 months

Rolando about 2 months

Mr Lee about 2 months

Totally the trip was very good. I recommend Larryta Express first~

Excellent Service about 2 months

Really comfortable bus, felt very safe and the journey was perfectly timed. Thank you!

Owen about 2 months

Very comfortable ride. Would've been made better only if WiFi was provided. Just enough room to fit me.

Jackie about 2 months

Could‘ve easily made it on time but the driver was very slow so we were late

Traveller 83019 about 2 months

the vechecle seem old and air con is not work properly. it was a hot ride

Rupe Sutton about 2 months

The trip was OK, but, on the side of the bus, it says "Making your trip delighted" it should say "Making your trip delightful" not delighted.... Otherwise it makes no sense.... You are using future tense and past tense in the same sentence!!!! Incorrect.

DanielTaylor about 2 months

Excellent bus very comfortable air conditioned driver made 2 stops for bathroom breaks was given a bottle of water before leaving the station. Actually arrived in siem reap early.

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