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Nat 7 months

We took a Larryta minibus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. The driver was professional and followed road safety rules (what a surprise in Cambodia :-) ). The minibus did 2 stops on the way and arrived in time. The bus was clean and new.

Earlene 7 months

The whole van filled up with locals except us. And there is a woman who spoke very very very loud on the whole 6 hours journey non stop. Behind us a family with a little kid who cried everytime and played with noisy game. Narrow chair and ac was hot.

Nicolina 7 months

We had booked the 4:30PM bus, but the asked if they could put us on the 4PM bus instead which was more convenient for us. We left on time and even arrived 30 mins before scheduled. The seats are comfy but not too much leg space. Would book again!

Antonio 7 months

Good price, good driver, we arrived 1.5 hour in Advance on scheduled arrival time.

Georg 7 months

Sabrina 7 months


Bree 8 months

Fantastic! We were picked up from our hotel, the bus was clean and seemed quite new. Cannot fault this service

Siti yuni sara binti mukhtar 8 months

I’m satisfied with your service and would recommend your service to others

Janice Lising 8 months

good service

Montanna 8 months

Excellent. Will definately book again.

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