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Traveller 97425 about 1 month

Joined the bus in Kampong Thom so punctuality was a bit difficult to judge. There were 3 Larryta buses so I had to approach each driver to find out which one to board. Once on the correct bus though, the journey was fine and we arrived in PP in good time.

Traveller 102492 about 1 month

Audy about 1 month

Nothing special than book direct to company. Bus ticket cancellation or changing time is more convenient if book direct to company.

Traveller 103159 about 1 month

Mariano about 1 month

They changed my rooster not as schedule. I lost my business trip in Siem reap

Traveller 103302 about 1 month

Overall, an excellent tour company I'd definitely recommend to others & use again - super friendly, accommodating staff!

Hom Chhorlyheang about 1 month

Ayaka about 1 month

Ayaka about 1 month

Traveller 100782 about 1 month

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