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Gino almost 2 years

Got us there quickly. Culturally different driving, however, the driver proceeded with caution and was efficient. Roads were safe, did not speed out of control. Only worries were when other drivers passing in the other lanes weren't being cautious.

Anna about 2 years

Mel about 2 years

The VIP van was cramped up and there was no wifi neither snacks provided. The description and the service we got was totally different. Would not recommend to others.

phanna about 2 years


Yvonne, New Zealand about 2 years

Felt very safe the entire trip. The roads were very good, the van clean, a little cramped in the leg room (lm six foot) but had two stops to have a walk about. Would recommend this as a transport option, the countryside views were excellent.

Giu about 2 years

One of my best journeys ever in Cambodia. Professional and warm English-speaking staff, excellent driver, new and clean minivan, not too many stops on the way. We arrived safely and on time. Convenient pick up/drop off point in Phnom Penh near Wat Phnom.

Kang Kimkinak about 2 years

Good VIP Van

Ros Sovantha about 2 years

BookMeBus is very good system, it’s really convenient to looking transportations for our traveling. Save time and easy to process payment. We used Pi Pay . Larryta Van , it was old van, air conditioning so poor, Nero Space. Seat is not comfortable.

Sam about 2 years

No WiFi, uncomfortable van and driving.

Alex about 2 years

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