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0 11 months

N/A 11 months

The driver always topped to pick up the customers along the way so it was more than 20 stops yesterday. It was a nine hours drive which was really long and tiring for me and the other customers.

Louisa 11 months

vansavern ock 11 months

Traveller 266629 11 months

Bus left on time ish- 5 mins after scheduled - it is election time & we on bus #3 of convoy Arrived on time

Traveller 163967 11 months

back row seats are terrible, im not that big and cant even fit. switching to vireal buntuam

Amanda C. 11 months

Another excellent ride on Mey Hong. Traffic was heavy on election weekend, but the driver was patient and safe. Thank you!

1 11 months

Mel B 11 months

It rained a lot of the way and the driver did a good job of staying safe in the rain. The bus left late because waiting for one person to arrive.

0 11 months

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