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Traveller 163967 7 months

back row seats are terrible, im not that big and cant even fit. switching to vireal buntuam

Amanda C. 7 months

Another excellent ride on Mey Hong. Traffic was heavy on election weekend, but the driver was patient and safe. Thank you!

1 7 months

Mel B 7 months

It rained a lot of the way and the driver did a good job of staying safe in the rain. The bus left late because waiting for one person to arrive.

0 7 months

0 7 months

Amanda C. 7 months

Another flawless ride from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh. Clean, safe bus and friendly staff.

Rbox 7 months

Good efficient polite service

0 7 months

Traveller 261029 8 months

can take again when visiting cambodia.

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