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Traveller 38546 almost 4 years

Irish man abroad almost 4 years

Very professionally run. Slept most of the way ... a testimony to both the comfort of the bus and the high standard of driving.

Outdom Pich almost 4 years

Vannak Chin almost 4 years

Varini Alice almost 4 years

Open strong light at everystop. Sad because it wakes you up. Staff not helpfully and friendly (doesn’t display bags for shoes or water when you come in the bus). Help yourself minimum service but price is cheaper than other company so its fair.

Traveller 63961 almost 4 years

Sereyrath Set almost 4 years

Stéphane about 4 years

Kimkhun Ea about 4 years

Chhorn Reakshar about 4 years


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