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Sovichaneath Huth over 4 years

Sovichaneath Huth over 4 years

Seanghoung Sien over 4 years

Rich Moog over 4 years

Superb bus! Roomy seat, good A/C and a very safe driver. I’d recommend Meg Hong any time! Thanks guys for a comfortable hassle-free trip!

Su Ross over 4 years

Overall great service. A comfortable & relaxing journey.

Seanghoung over 4 years

Shag over 4 years

I went to bus terminal I was told it moved locations. The bus was late getting started. The seat footrest was broken on one side so it was a mess under my feet. The bus made multiple stops and arrived 1/2 hour late at SR. I do love the 3 wide seats.

Guest over 4 years

Bus was hour late in Phnom Penh. Bus stopped at the restaurant where non-cambodians are charged much more for shopping. Driver was rude. Overall it was bad.

Mark over 4 years

Traveller 87776 over 4 years

Pickup car doesn't arrive at our hotel.

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