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Vuthy 5 days

Driver had wait too long at Banteaymeanchey province station due to he confuse to confirm with bus ower that had other passenger would be joint to poipet too around 1 hours

Traveller 265663 8 days

Sophoan Livan 9 days

Overall is fine but this particular trip, air conditioner is poor as backsides get more heat. Owner should maintain AC system more often as it’s a Hottest season. Driver was very modest kind and helpful. Thanks

Traveller 238524 10 days

Traveller 298003 10 days

Traveller 252709 10 days

Traveller 298003 11 days

Traveller 298003 11 days

Traveller 298003 12 days

Traveller 298003 12 days

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