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Traveller 257569 about 1 month

Nai about 1 month

Traveller 257757 about 1 month

Traveller 258004 about 1 month

Traveller 150670 about 1 month

Traveller 240339 about 1 month

Traveller 240339 about 1 month

Jake Goodridge about 1 month

We had to change buses 4 times before we even got to the Thai border. On one of those buses me along with 30 others had to sit in the aisle for over an hour! This is completely unacceptable and is a detriment to my health and safety.

Kao Chandola about 1 month

Not recommended about 1 month

We arrived to the station in time and to find the the VIP mini bus was not vip seating but crammed local mini bus. So mall were the seats that we could not fit. Average size Europeans. We took SUV car bus and booked 4 seats (3 seat’s is 4 Cambodian)

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