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Kim 19 days

Driver was very rude and abrupt, was not a “VIP” van and we arrived over a hour late.

Susan 22 days

Driver was speeding from beginning till the end. He was passing other vehicles very dangerously. This is the second time I used Saly and both drivers were speeding unsafely.

Traveller 63344 22 days

steady safe driving

Traveller 63344 22 days

Good steady driving on busy under construction highway.

Traveller 56611 27 days

Lee about 1 month

ផេង about 1 month

Traveller 69480 about 1 month

Driver drove so fast, knowing that the road is so bumping

Traveller 170289 about 1 month

the food is so bad. hope they can change the restaurant.

Traveller 170289 about 1 month

I hope they can change the restaurant! the food is sick!

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