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Traveller 177985 about 1 month

Anonymous about 1 month

AC in the car is not working so the whole trip was too hot and I was sweating all the way.

Local passenger about 1 month

The driver drove too fast. He didn't even care about the passengers' safety. What a nightmare!

Traveller 75364 about 1 month

Dangerous van. No light.

Traveller 161942 about 1 month

Professional Driver, I love

Traveller 161780 about 1 month

Good service

Traveller 161780 about 1 month

this service is not good due to I have booking seat number 2 but provide me seat number 14 instead of when I arrive station with reason acceptable. thanks

Luke about 1 month

Large bag of cargo in our footwell, so almost impossible to sit in our seat. No alternative offered. Delayed leaving by 30 mins so arrived in PP 90 mins late. Very uncomfortable and cramped.

Traveller 56698 about 2 months

Traveller 161780 about 2 months

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