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Nara 11 months

I am not recommend to use Vibol express. The front desk is rude and the car is too old

Traveller 163928 11 months

Anonymous 11 months

Daffos 11 months

Didn’t want to leave us at our hotel (it was the night), it was on the road 2km later from where he left us. We have 2 kids, 5yo and 1yo. Bit disappointed for the price.. and also he left some locals at their places…..

Jh 11 months

Terrible. wrong boarding point in google map, late depart, I could't here any explain that situation.

Traveller 216749 11 months


Traveller 211822 11 months

The driver drove so fast, that everyone in the bus was very scared. There were no seat belts. in addition the road was so bumpy. Worst van experience in our hole Cambodia trip.

Traveller 199628 11 months

Ferdinand 11 months

The Bus was old and AC barely worked so it was super hot. Neither the start nor the finish location were correct in the confirmation email. The ride was super slow and bumpy (not really anyones fault). Had to ask several times for a stop. no chat

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