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Caroline 11 months

Exactly on time, didn't over fill the van, good air con, two toilet breaks, good driving

Weekly traveller SR-PP-SR 11 months

Perfect, as usual

Lisa and Sothy 11 months

Excellent! We arrived an hour ahead of schedule. That's a perfect way to start our vacation

Panos 11 months

Excellent driver, arrival on time.

Phanith Ouch 11 months

david franks 12 months

Great driver. Safe friendly

Orlu 12 months

Best option to travel from SR to PP : punctuality, reliable, safe, fast (only 2 short stops for coffee)

Sot 12 months


Sarah Morgan-Paul 12 months

What a great way to get from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh. The bus was excellent the driver was fabulous. Would highly recommend.

Jack 12 months

Everything was good

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