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Traveller 273952 8 months

Two short rest stops (15 min. & 5 min.) The driver was excellent. We arrived about 20 minutes early!

Wendy Campbell 8 months

Excellent service for the price. My third time travelling with the Post VIP van and pleasantly surprised at the good service. What inspector? I fill this in but do not understand as you cannot leave it blank….computer programming?

David 9 months

Very professional

Raphael 9 months

Everything perfect. Arrived earlier than estimated

Manoj 9 months

Excellent Service. Please do use and driver was very good in driving.

John 9 months

Very good way to travel from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. Comfortable, safe and cheap.

Elizabeth Hoban 9 months

Excellent service. On time!

Steffi 9 months

comfortable, perfectly on time and careful and friendly driver

Pat 9 months


Traveller 140558 9 months

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