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Vuochleang almost 2 years

The space was a bit narrow but I like how fast it was to arrive back in PP from SR. The driver managed to drive safely, fast, and even the 2 stops he made it quick and just enough time to for toilet things and snacks.

N/A almost 2 years

The driver dove carefully, he drove out from the departure on time and arrived with safe and sound. Also took time for a restroom in 5 minutes. It’s going on well. Nothing would mention on this.

Yasmina Van de Peer almost 2 years

It took longer than expected we were supposed to be there by 7 but got there past 9pm. I find it weird how the driver will stop to have dinner but none of the passengers will. Maybe less stops would make it faster

Traveller 192428 almost 2 years

Traveller 192428 almost 2 years

Alex Lee about 2 years

Driver was very punctual, I'd say even moreover then that. Actual time supposed to be at 12:00PM but we arrived to Kep at 11:15AM. Comfortable minivan and very accurate driving. Definitely will use the same company once again.

HUSI about 2 years

Super safty service

brosda khun about 2 years

Marcus De Freitas about 2 years

Smooth trip down to Kep from PP, the van as very much on time, the driver was kind and drove safely all the day… no complaints! =]

English Rose about 2 years

Driver was great! No rush, no silly overtaking... Very safe and good journey

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