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Thanuth Thon about 2 years

the driver is so nice

Bec about 2 years

Easy trip, departed on time, bus is comfortable and clean, less crowded than another company we used. Trip was longer than advertised as we made several stops, arrived 45 minutes later than expected but it wasn't a big deal. Stations are very central.

Carla Baldivieso about 2 years

Traveller 183637 about 2 years

Rude staff, the girl at the PP station

Ronan about 2 years

Trip under the rain, bit longer, 5 hours 45 mn, but safe. Stops for toilets

P about 2 years

Mark about 2 years

First long minibus trip we did, booking process was very smooth. Easy to find the start and left on time. Clean, adequately air conditioned and just about enough leg room. Would definitely recommend

Phea about 2 years

Phea about 2 years

Robert about 2 years

Smooth and fast transport

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