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keikokit about 1 month

Jack RO about 1 month

Great, clean, non-insane van option from town to town in Cambodia. Whenever possible I take the Post bus - too bad it doesnt run as frequently as the others

Traveller 95655 about 1 month

Teddy about 1 month

Driverឈប់តាមផ្លូវច្រើន មិនប្រាប់ថាឈប់បាយត្រង់ណា ឡានចាស់

Traveller 98581 about 1 month

Traveller 95655 about 1 month

Mike about 1 month

It was an enjoyable trip for the most part, I sat in the front seat and appreciated the views. The driver was friendly. However, the mini bus broke down about 4 km from our final destination, and we were stranded. Had to get another ride.

SF about 1 month

The minivan was small, looks dirty, and was very hot. The staff was nice they kept apologizing to me before departing bcs we departed late due to some passengers were coming 15mins late. Although somehow I ended up arriving 1hr late than scheduled..

Jessica Gimenez about 2 months

Peter about 2 months

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