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Traveller 165937 14 days

សេវ៉ាកម្មល្អ ជិះហើយ ចង់ជិះទៀត

Traveller 119408 15 days

the driver drive too fast, I feel not safe at that day

H 16 days

Oc 20 days

Right on time

Dindi 21 days

Ekareach has always been reliable for trips from Kampot to PP/ vice Verda. Always leave and reach on time and a comfortable safe journey.

Traveller 93526 26 days

Traveller 173477 28 days

Terrible Service. Two hours delay. The service also says direct, when it stopped 6 times on the way to the final station.

Traveller 173477 29 days

no clear indication of pick up place, 1 hour delay at pick up, picked up people on the way when it supposed to be direct, and stopped for all different passengers delaying even more. terrible terrible service

Traveller 133777 about 1 month

Lucie about 1 month

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