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Leo about 1 month

One hour delay from Kep, waiting at the roundabout. The excuse was: rain. Rain has just started briefly, and will last six months. Be ready…

No refund about 1 month

Terrible people

Traveller 306629 about 2 months

Sarah 2 months

0/5 stars. Terrible experience. Van was extremely hot. Driver continuously stopped to pick up additional passengers, causing a late arrival. Had a flat tire resulting in a further 10 min delay. Driver then sped recklessly, making passengers feel unsafe.

Marie 2 months

Driver spent his time sending/listening vocal messages The AC didn’t work well and it was really hot We were 30mn late

Cindy 2 months

This wasn't a great trip. The driver was very aggressive, weaving in and out of the traffic, and I often felt very nervous, which isn't normal for me. He even had a small crash with another car's bumper! He's too reckless.

Traveller 300468 2 months

Shall provide water to customers

Cindy 2 months

It was a good trip,, but the driver, although being good, at times seemed a little reckless with his speed, especially on the gravel road stretch. But he was ok.

Traveller 287499 2 months

Sak 2 months

Air conditioner need to be colder

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