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Traveller 165937 4 months

Joakim 4 months

Kampot to PP Started 20 min late. Trip inkl short brake was less than 3 Hrs. Thanks to the new good road.

Neal F 4 months

The bus was on time but the driver is crazy. Constant unsafe driving, honking, texting and calling on his phone. Also, the front seat is incredibly uncomfortable and the seatbelt didn't work. The front windshield had big cracks on it

a 4 months

AC was broken all the way. Means they did not check their car before leaving. And the driver did not care. No refunds, no apologize. Low quality customer service.

A 4 months

the bus was late, because it took several detours in phnom penh

Traveller 87699 4 months

Traveller 165131 4 months

Francesc 5 months

tcb 5 months

many stops in the way

A 5 months

The best driver

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