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Silvano Lovato 3 months

The bus was not at the agreed pick-up station (taco-restaurant).

Andrew 3 months

Rak 3 months

Booked via mobile app a few hours before departure, prefer to use Paypal but not an option but was able to pay via other service. Minivan left on time, stopped at petrol stations on way for food/toilet, arrived on Kampot in 3 hours. Will use again.

Andrew 3 months

Narorn Yorn 3 months

Traveller 97749 3 months


On time and convenient 3 months

1 hour late and crazy driver 3 months

The bus was an hour late, the driver not nice and driving like crazy on the road. Not a great trip.

Efficient and on time 4 months

AC provided, good seats and on time

Traveller 149057 4 months

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