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Phil 3 months

I have used this service 4 times between Phnom Penh and Kampot. First three were 5 stars, unfortunately this time, late setting off, stopped after 10 minutes still in Phnom Penh for a break! Picked 2 people off on route, squashed in as the bus was full.

Happy Passenger 4 months

Very nice new van and comfortable seats. Safe driver. Arrived in Phnom Penh on time. Very helpful in tracking down an item I accidently left in the van. Overall, highly recommended.

stefaan wauters 4 months

It is a pity that, on the way back to Phnom Penh you don't provide a stop nearby the airport.

Bruno anr 4 months

B 4 months

Driver was sometimes a little fast, but overall good driving. Seatbelt at my first seat was defective, had to change it. Apart from that rest was good. Comfortable van with good AC, no unnecessary detours.

Oliver Eberhardt 4 months

Total entspannter Fahrer trotz nicht ganz einfachen Verkehrs. Packt Gepäck sehr sorgsam ein thanks

Traveller 284101 4 months

Traveller 185656 4 months

Dragan Jeremic 4 months

Oliver 5 months

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