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Meyer over 3 years

Mick over 3 years

I arrived to find that they had cancelled the boat service 2 weeks earlier, not contacted any of the passengers who had prebooked online (like myself). The lady at the GTVC desk was asleep and just shouted when I asked for her help.

Giulio over 3 years

Renske over 3 years

Lina over 3 years

It was an ok service. However, the staff should handle suitcases more careful. They broke one wheel from my suitcase on the yesterday’s trip. I am really upset about it as I don’t know how I will carry on my trip with 3 wheel suitcase.

Traveller 63017 over 3 years

Kevin over 3 years

All went fine. Only the boat was too overcrowded and reserved place were not respected.

Traveller 3196 over 3 years

Traveller 3196 over 3 years

Traveller 3196 over 3 years

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