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Traveller 266083 4 months

The staff should call the customer before the bus leaves at least 30min.

Traveller 266083 4 months

Ok, that's fine.

0 4 months

គាត់បើកបរលឿនពេក ត្រឹមតែ២ម៉ោង អត់សុវតិ្ថភាព សូមជួយកែសម្រួលបន្តិច

Alvo Abbott 4 months

We were in a 7 seater van which was very new & comfortable. We left on time and the trip took less time than expected. He did drive a little fast at times.

Chester 4 months

Fantastic bus service, will use Kim Seng every time as they are very reliable, drive safely and are punctual.

A frequent customer 4 months

I was comfortably driven from Kampot back to Phnom Penh and I enjoy it thank you

0 4 months

Rory 4 months

0 4 months

តៃកុងឡានបើកឡានរញ៉េរញៃ ញាក់ញាក់ ហើយរវល់ជាមួយទូរស័ព្ទណាស់ បើកផងឆាតសម្លេងផង

1 4 months

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