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0 3 months

Good service

Traveller 89447 3 months

I don't know 3 months

that's good

Kris 3 months

Smooth ride

Antoine 3 months

Not the best trip we've had in Cambodia. Driver was very reckless, and still we ended up arriving almost 1 hour late due to all the stopping on the way. Comfort ok.

Jeanne 3 months

Very good trip, highly recommend this bus company. The bus was brand new and very comfortable, smooth driving. 30mn late from departure and at arrival, but nothing too problematic.

Ok, nice 3 months

Too much stops for the people before the bus stop in Phnom penh

0 3 months

Too noisy. Driver cannot ask to some passengers to lower their voice. So annoying.

0 3 months

driver’s skills is too low. His driving doesn’t make everyone comfortable. most of passengers almost got carsick

Traveller 243374 3 months

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