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Eriq Madsen over 1 year

Fantastic journey. The staff and driver were very welcoming and helpful. The Van is clean and comfortable and they were very accommodating when I asked for a change of seats. Excellent!

Clémence Boudry over 1 year

Perfect! We arrived right on time in Phnom Penh!

Nikki over 1 year

Journey was fine, and accurate to timings given, but on the day of travel we were called at 7:15 asking why we weren’t on the bus yet as it was leaving at 7:30. Friends taking the same scheduled bus the next day had the same experience.

Srey something over 1 year

It was a horrible experience. I bought a ticket from PP to Kep. But they forced to get me off at Kampot very late at night. I showed them my ticket and insisted on going to Kep over and over again. Had better not use this company. Be careful!!!!!

Traveller 39520 over 1 year

Traveller 39520 over 1 year

Becca over 1 year

Very satisfied. Would recommend and use again.

Traveller 16855 over 1 year

Nimol over 1 year

Nice and clean

Peter Phoeng over 1 year

I really felt unsafe with the driver. He was swerving a lot and kept pressing in the gas. It was a terrible driving experience. Please teach him to drive better and consider the passengers.

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