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1 8 months

Elly Janssen 8 months

Driver was good, only the French people with their big suitcases were annoying. We were sitting very tight because off that

I Nel 8 months

Excellent service. Very comfortable new bus with luxury seats. Friendly experienced driver.

Traveller 217349 8 months

0 9 months

ពុំមាន​របាំង​បាំង​ថ្ងៃ​,​ ម៉ាស៊ីន​ត្រជាក់​ពុំ​សូវ​ត្រជាក់​

Franklin Clinton 9 months

everything was good would definitely use again

Brenda 9 months

The bus was late. It left late and reached 30-35 mins late to Kampot than expected time. The driver made a stop after 13 miles of leaving Phnom Penh. This was a very early stop. Later, no stops were made. I request to make stop midway in the journey.

Leanghout 9 months

i am unhappy when the company need to more money for go mondolkiri

0 9 months

0 9 months

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