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Traveller 5346 over 2 years

Driver always talking on phone without headset, and drive too fast.

Lunvuthyrak Kim over 2 years

គន្ធា សេន over 2 years

TANG ENGCHUNG over 2 years

TANG ENGCHUNG over 2 years

Princella over 2 years

I enjoyed the whole trip! Best services.Very comfy and supportive!

Moth Youko over 2 years

Thank bookmebus for ur responded my email, and u even helpful. 💕

Belgian_traveller over 2 years

Had a very nice trip with this organisation. Really nice van with good airco and comfartable seats. The driver had it's own way of driving but overall safe and on time. (As much as you can be on time with this roads)

Doug C over 2 years

Comfortable and quite new Ford Transit, felt safe with the driving and the toilet stop was kept short, no need for lunch breaks on a 3 hour journey. Would use again.

Traveller 95880 over 2 years

The driver’s skill is good. But he should behave properly. (He talked on the phone that he wanted to leave the car and us in the middle of the way because it’s run out of gasoline.) Luckily we arrived safe and sound.

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