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Traveller 63796 almost 3 years

Easy to find bus station and very punctual. Good overall. The only thing I dislike is the seat, its quite small that not much space to put big luggage and stretch legs.

Traveller 38850 almost 3 years

Traveller 63796 almost 3 years

The seat is quite small, not much space to put luggage or stretch legs.

Traveller 78390 almost 3 years

Nick almost 3 years

Bus left Phnom Penh more than 30min late. Driver stopped numerous times to buy himself food without making any attempt to communicate how long we were stopping for. He drove fairly aggressively trying to catch up time. Pretty standard trip I guess..

OC_on_her_way almost 3 years

Very good compared to other trips by van I tried before! Good point: ponctuality

Aaron Kyle about 3 years

Wondering if it's possible to walk on purchase tickets ever from PP to Kep. Buy ticket pay cash and travel without pre booking. My cards from Canada would not work had a friend book my tickets. This was not ideal.

Walter about 3 years

No complaints. Trip time was not too far off from the estimate. Van was in good shape with cold AC. Stop midway for gas/toilet/snack break.

Florent about 3 years

Florent about 3 years

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