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Traveller 51826 over 1 year


Problem with bus over 1 year

The bus had a problem, they wouldn t like to bring us to Kep but waiting in Kampot the next bus to Kep. After complaining we take another bus to Kep almost in time

Ok over 1 year

0 over 1 year

Lena over 1 year

Very good trip - everything on time, clean and well mantained vehicle, polite driver with good driving skills.

Traveller 206176 over 1 year

Traveller 198565 over 1 year

I called the staff there after I bought the ticket to pick me up at Amazon ThaiBunRong and didn’t get picked up at the right place, I have to ride to that car. The driver said he didn’t get the info from the staff. Plus, his attitude is so bad.

Bettina almost 2 years

very good service.

Jorne almost 2 years

Traveller 204121 almost 2 years

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