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Doug C over 3 years

Comfortable and quite new Ford Transit, felt safe with the driving and the toilet stop was kept short, no need for lunch breaks on a 3 hour journey. Would use again.

Traveller 95880 over 3 years

The driver’s skill is good. But he should behave properly. (He talked on the phone that he wanted to leave the car and us in the middle of the way because it’s run out of gasoline.) Luckily we arrived safe and sound.

KHIN Sreynich over 3 years


Traveller 95931 over 3 years

Traveller 95502 over 3 years

We asked via messages to drive via Trengh Truyeng Market, but no response. Tickets are lost and we had to book another bus

Vireak Chay over 3 years

Sílvia over 3 years

Kaz over 3 years

On time, good driver! If you’re new to Cambodia, driving here is pretty crazy so just be prepared for that regardless of the bus company you choose. The amount of reviews I’ve read of people whining about crazy’s just the Cambodian way! Deal!

Visoth Pech over 3 years

Visoth Pech over 3 years

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