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TSKH about 2 months

មិនមានផ្តល់ទឹកសុទ្ធទេ។កន្លែងគេងសម្អាតបានល្អហើយ ប៉ុន្តែម៉ាស៊ីនត្រជាក់ជាន់ក្រោមគ្មានដំណើរការ(ក្តៅស្អុះ)។ ខ្នើយចាស់ខ្លាំង ភួយមិនដឹងថាបានបោកឬអត់ព្រោះមិនបានដាក់ក្នុងថង់ តែគ្មានក្លិនមិនល្អនោះទេ។ កៅអីគេងទំហំតូច(មិនសូវល្អ) តែបង្អែកលើកចុះឡើងបានតាមតម្រូវការ(ល្អ)។

Jaques about 2 months

Personel was friendly and helpfull

Samantha-Australia about 2 months

Great trip. Comfortable seats and smooth drive. Had multiple stops for toilet breaks and lunch. Very easy process from start to finish.

Prom Sun 2 months

Highly Recommend to booking through BookMeBus.❤️🤙

Reaksmey Adam 2 months

Should respect they said it arrived at 7:30pm but arrived at 9pm. Overall everything is great. The bus is comfortable.

1 3 months

0 3 months

Melanie 3 months

Pej 3 months

Our backpacks got very dirty in the bus storage

Traveller 290580 3 months

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