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Traveller 45808 about 1 year

Traveller 45808 about 1 year

Traveller 232801 about 1 year

Chandrika about 1 year

The driver almost left my friend during the 25 min break,when i told him that my friend havent get into the bus, He pretended like i didnt exist. He threw our bags on the mud once we reach the arrival destination. So rude.driver is a psycho.hated him.

Traveller 222524 about 1 year

0 about 1 year

1 about 1 year

Algerian travler about 1 year

Ponctuel, parti à l'heure, arrivé 20 mn à l'avance, le même conducteur qu'à l'aller mais il a usé moins le clacsons. Parfait je recommande

Traveller 259075 about 1 year

Traveller 232906 about 1 year

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