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Laetitia v W 10 months

Really positive experience. Punctual, safe driving, comfortable seats. Exceeded my expectations. Will use again. Bus company amended my booking for me when I didn't get through to book me bus listed contact numbers or via their chat function.

Traveller 270031 10 months

Traveller 33070 10 months

jiyeon 10 months

Tony 10 months

Good trip. Comfortable bus which departed and arrived on time .

Sharky 10 months

I reserved for a day bus. However, the bus that arrived was for a night bus - all recliners with two levels and not a good seat to sit upright. It also messed up the seat numbers. In itself, the bus is old and dilapidated. It runs, though.

Joe 11 months

Thought the bus was slightly old, it was a comfortable journey. Punctual. It maintained the schedule. Seats are wide. Provided water bottle. Had 3 stops on the way. Overall, recommended.

0 11 months

Sam 11 months

Thank for waiting me a few minutes. I feel that driver was new, and way he used the brakes for bus was not smooth at all, then one of Tuk Tuk driver at SR Bus station was not well behaved, Just don’t want to talk much and walk away. For improvement only

0 11 months

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