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No 3 months

Traveller 109313 3 months

Merilyn 3 months

Arrived at bus station and told they overbooked no seats for us or other passengers. We were put on another company's van without our luggage. No leg room all squashed in, worst trip ever . Arrived different bus station. No luggage for over an hour.

Elisa 3 months

Everything was perfect! The bus left a bit later than expected but that’s wasn’t a bad thing as it meant getting to SR closer to sunrise. The bus was very comfortable, the staff was nice and helpful. I would book again with no hesitation.

Traveller 243594 3 months

we arrive at 5 PM, instead of 2 PM!! 3 hours late

Hannah 4 months

Drive was pretty good, the beds were fairly comfy and the journey was good. At the ticket office, although there were difficult language barriers, the people at the office were extremely helpful when we were searching for lost property.

Sunny 4 months

Everything seemed okay until they keep receiving strangers on the way. On the booking website you see only 8 seats available for a van but uninvited people will join with you. I booked n.5 but one stranger came in and stole my seat and I had to sit middle

FD 4 months

Be warned that the 5 beds at the back are actually one wide bed, there are no dividers between the people, so you sleep like one big family.

Amanda C. 4 months

As always, Mey Hong shines. Smooth, painless trip from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh with three stops along the way, friendly staff, and safe driving.

0 4 months

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