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Traveller 149057 4 months

Traveller 95118 4 months

T H 4 months

Very good service

T h 4 months

Driver was talking on his phone a lot when we got near phnom penh city. Very dangerous while driving. And he drove really slowly because he was using his phone. Big waste of time going so slowly. Drivers should never talk on the phone while driving.

Kang Jinho 5 months

very nice~

Traveller 156036 5 months


Traveller 156036 5 months


Traveller 156036 5 months

Cindy 5 months

It was a very pleasant trip. The driver was great and the van was comfortable. The driver was kind enough to help me cross a very busy dual highway to get to my passap on the other side of the road when I arrived in Phnom Penh. I would use them again

Serhiy 5 months

Good comfortable ride. AC could be somewhat colder, but the rest is as expected!

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