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Dehydrated over 1 year

No air conditioning which made the journey extremely uncomfortable. Arrived half-cooked. Would not recommend.

Annemie Markovics almost 2 years

An express trip where almost everyone got there own stop, without 10 min drinking stop it’s not ok. For a trip with a duration of 3.30 hours a little toilet stop and drinking stop is required!!!

Annemie almost 2 years

Bus was not clean but excellent safe trip

Marcus de Freitas almost 2 years

The drive was okay and on time. Driver spent a lot of time texting, sending voice messages and answering his phone though, that can quickly become a danger

Soley Heng almost 2 years

Car is on time but the driver and the car are very bad. Won’t ride this car again.

Mark almost 2 years

Journey took 3h45, not sure why we needed to have a 20 minute break 20 minutes after we left. Don't book the seats at the back, they have the spare wheel under them so no leg room Driver was safe and relaxed, just stopped lots, about 4 times for ?

Vikram almost 2 years

The bus seats and leg space was not comfortable. Driver was talking on phone while driving and stopping at multiple points.

Annemie almost 2 years

Best company to drive with from kampot/Pp and opposite

Jon almost 2 years

P about 2 years

There is no air conditioner in the car. P.S It is not working at all.

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