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Ghiath 5 months


Traveller 38884 5 months

Lara 5 months

Delphine M 6 months

Good 6 months

Rory 6 months

Easy ride. The van is well kept, air worked fine, ride was smooth and the driver safe.The van was late but the manager called us well in advance to warn us. Had a nice rest stop, just long enough. Good ride.

Traveller 36247 6 months


. 7 months

Best Van Experience in Cambodia 7 months

Amazing experience. Check in was a breeze. We left right on schedule and got to Kampot 30 minutes before the actual arrival time. It was one of the best, smoothest, and fastest ride. Will definitely ride again.

Tessa 7 months

Left and arrived on time. Clean van. Water provided. Air con worked. Location needs to be updated on Google. It’s on NR 3. Near the market. We also needed to change our tickets, 30 mins before departure, made the change quickly, very accommodating. 🙌

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