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Lena over 3 years

Best driver in Cambodia! I felt safer than on all my other trips in Cambodia.

Aryo Dipo over 3 years

No space for luggage because space in back was taken up with packages. Many stops to deliver packages. Driver was overtaking wrecklessly and used the horn 50% of the time. Wouldn’t recommend.

Traveller 2296 over 3 years


Victoria over 3 years

Best bus company in Cambodia! Driver was really good and I felt safe!

Traveller 2296 over 3 years

The driver drove very fast, crazy, ... very hard to close one eye.

Elena Bonesi over 3 years

Very good service, and sharp, too. The only flaw is the fast driving style, which seems quite normal widespread in Cambodia, anyway. So the judgement remains totally positive.

David over 3 years

Very long trip, tiny spaces, we arrived 1 hour late, the driver stopped a few times to delivery stuff, pick up and drop off people, but overall not too bad.

Camille over 3 years

We arrive at 4.30am instead of 8am... In the middle of the night so nothing openned and they throw our bags in a big mud puddle...

Sandra over 3 years

No probleme we arrive on time. But no bottle and no wifi

Anna over 3 years

Car broke down and no information was given, we had a 5 hour delay and were told absolutely nothing. No one spoke English. Airconditioner was broken. Loud bad music was played continuously for some reason? We drove way too fast so kids puked. Horrible.

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