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Lee over 1 year

ផេង over 1 year

Traveller 69480 over 1 year

Driver drove so fast, knowing that the road is so bumping

Traveller 170289 over 1 year

the food is so bad. hope they can change the restaurant.

Traveller 170289 over 1 year

I hope they can change the restaurant! the food is sick!

Traveller 177985 over 1 year

Anonymous over 1 year

AC in the car is not working so the whole trip was too hot and I was sweating all the way.

Local passenger over 1 year

The driver drove too fast. He didn't even care about the passengers' safety. What a nightmare!

Traveller 75364 over 1 year

Dangerous van. No light.

Traveller 161942 over 1 year

Professional Driver, I love

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