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N/A 11 days

Driver is not friendly

Ei 16 days

Traveller 152626 20 days

US tourist 20 days

The van left on time and arrived on time. However, the van was very hot. We kept asking for the aircon to be made stronger, at least the fan, but they only made a small adjustment. The driver was cordial but could choose to drive more safely.

Veronique Roudier 28 days

Awful trip!😱the Air Con did not work well. We suffocated too hot too hot !!! Terrible during almost 7 hours. Everybody complained .

Traveller 102177 28 days

The aircon of the vans was broken since the departure till PP. Can u imagine sitting in the van for 7hours without aircon and no air from outside due to the window is not made to be opened which I’m speechless. The company should have back up solution!

Traveller 163432 about 1 month

Bumpy ride about 1 month

The entire busride can be described as a bumpy ride. It was not very comfortable, and there was almlst no space for your legs. The bus left Battambang on time but arrived in Phnom Penh almost an hour late

Traveller 97623 about 1 month

ណៃ ទុំ about 1 month

ល្បឿនបើកមិនសូវថេ អ្នកពុលឡានមិនអាចជិះបានទេ សូម្បីខ្ញុំអ្នកមិនពុលក៏ចង់ពុលដែរ

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