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Traveller 157050 6 days

Staff Friendly and supportive, Comfortable car, Gentle Driver

Traveller 37427 6 days

Traveller 271876 11 days

Ed 11 days

Bus left 30 minutes late, seat belt was broken, back door kept opening so he had to stop several times, no leg room for tall person, Express but stopped twice for breaks! Couldn't move because luggage jammed in next to me and blocked aisle, A/C was good.

Coca Cola🥤 15 days

The bus in Cambodia was dirty & had bugs but the bus in Thailand was very clean

Elizabeth Hoban 15 days

Two main faults and both relate to safety. Safety on buses is no 1. 1.The side door of the mini van could not be opened from the inside. Big safety problem 2. every sear DID NOT HAVE SEAT BELTS, only some seats. This Needs urgent attention

Traveller 261803 19 days

Sambo 25 days

Great, everything is fine clean with comfort.

Chantrea about 1 month

It is great service . Please keep improve and maintain the current condition.

Lanny about 1 month

Very good. Driver stopped 2x and travelling with a 6yr old, this was great. Very well organized. Staff very friendly

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