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Traveller 91121 over 1 year

Anonymous over 1 year

Terrible. Driver was always on his phone, not concentrating on driving. Van itself is not comfortable, limited space, A/C not working

Philip over 1 year

Very poor service

Philip over 1 year

Bus was changed and took too long to leave Phnom Penh picking passengers from all over..

DO NOT USE over 1 year

Avoid at all cost!!! The worst complaint ever. Bus was late for more than an hour. Bc of them I missed the last ferry to Koh Rong and had to stay the night in Sihanoukville.

Traveller 45808 over 1 year

Traveller 45808 over 1 year

not recommended.

Horrible over 1 year

We left on time. The air conditioning was not working. It was hotter in the bus than outside. Then we stood in the middle of the road, not at a gas station or restaurant, on the side of the road. We waited 2 hours for a new bus in full sun. Tragedy!

Traveller 7438 over 1 year

Traveller 4008 over 1 year

we started to take off at 8 instead of 7.30. the staffs didn't check us in properly. the driver was okay; he did his job well. the other staff on the car didn't even know how many passengers on the bus. the car is really old.

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