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stephanie over 1 year

Bus started 1.5h late and took 7 hours. Bus driver had a chill lunch break etc.

Joyce Arnold over 1 year

The Bus arrived 30min late at the entering point, stoped every hour for an unnecessary break, which is why we arrived 2 hours later at our destination. The bus was packed with people and bags, no space, no A/C and the driver almost fell asleep. Dangerous!

Gorbatschow over 1 year

The Company should decide if they want to transport people or stuff! Bus was full with passenger and we couldn‘t move cause there were packages and even a MOTORBIKE in the mini bus. Really disappinting! Had 2h delay and almost missed ferry!

Benjamin over 1 year

The bus was full. My seat was broken. No backrest.

Kep phr over 1 year

The worst bus company. Old Mini van, air con leaking and not working. Driver stoped many Times to send money by wing, buy his care about passengers

Traveller 220654 over 1 year

bus broken and late to begin. Much too dangerous driver!!!

Traveller 220654 over 1 year

Vorak Vonn over 1 year

ឡានចាស់ខ្លាំង​ បេីកខ្លាំងលាន់ដូចឡានខូច​ ដីហុយចូលក្នុងឡាន​ ម៉ាស៉ីន​ត្រជាក់​ខូច​ ក្នុងឡានសុទ្ទតែធូលីដី

Nara over 1 year

I am not recommend to use Vibol express. The front desk is rude and the car is too old

Traveller 163928 over 1 year

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