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Traveller 54631 over 2 years

Sazzle over 2 years

Better than expected. Good careful driver, dropped me at my hotel. Was only 20 minutes late departing. Van was old, grubby and limited leg room

Olga over 2 years

Traveller over 2 years

We left half an hour late, the van was old and broke down along the way. The driver drove slowly and was much busier with his phone than with the traffic. We finally arrived in PP after 6 hours instead of 3.5 hours.

មង្គល ឌឹម over 2 years

Dareth Leng almost 3 years

Chum Sodami almost 3 years

The driver not wear face mask during covid19, even I give him face mask he still don’t want to wear it, dirty, uncomfortable. Talk phone during drive and play phone during drive with one hand.

Vathana almost 3 years

Driver called to confirm the pick up location which is nice. Depart on time. Driver also pick up passengers along the way. The problem is the displayed total duration of the trip which is very unrealistic. It took 5 hours instead of the shown 3 hours.

Pak almost 3 years

The driver is impolite, bad driving and he didn’t stop for a lady whom asked for rest due to she really wanted.

Traveller 106045 almost 3 years

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