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Traveller 54631 over 1 year

Traveler almost 2 years

The bus was very late, driver was driving very dangerously and we made far too many stops

Roth almost 2 years

Driver is funny

Pheany almost 2 years

The driver is good both driving skill and personality but the call center of Vibol Express is a bit impolite and sound rude.

Book about 2 years

Good service

Norng Pheany about 2 years

I cannot sit on the seat that I booked. The van seems not really clean so the smell is not good. I feel uncomfortable

Hiro over 2 years

It was good.

AD over 2 years

Vibol Express in Siem Reap has stopped operating! Do not bok from here. I went to the office on the day and it was closed. I called the number on the sign and he said his staff will pick me up. They picked me up after 15mins and put me in a Sorya 168 bus.

Traveller 54631 over 2 years

Qarine over 2 years

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