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Kimleng almost 4 years

Overfilled. almost 4 years

The van was packed. We were literally travelling on top of our luggage.

Come Geffroy almost 4 years


Traveller 54742 almost 4 years

Late almost two hours

Sineat Ran almost 4 years

Sineat Ran almost 4 years

ឡានចាស់ គ្មានខ្សែក្រវ៉ាត់

Traveller 46813 almost 4 years

Also,the driver is very rude and has no responsibility whatsover.

Traveller 46813 almost 4 years

Driver came 30 minutes late,and he also pick up other passengers along the way.

Shelley almost 4 years

There were two extra persons in the bus, sitting on the luggage which didn't have enough space in the van.

Traveller 73315 almost 4 years

Drove ok on the rough road only a few scary moments Was an hour later than planned could be more open about picking up and dropping off people. That adds heaps of time

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