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Tourist over 4 years

tires of the van had no profile so front tire exploded, the company didn’t send another van so we had to wait for 1 hour in the sun till he changed the tire and he didn’t know what he is doing.. awful experience

Lutz Marks over 4 years

The seats in this bus are not so comfortable - to hard for this bumpy road . We arrived late at the border but I get the bus to Bangkok . The transfer at the border was well organised . So in the end I would say , it was good . Thanks to the team

Traveller 49727 over 4 years


Eve over 4 years

Suppose to be a 3.5 hours trip from Kampot to Phnom Penh, took a total of 5.5 hours and we miss our flight. On the way to Phnom Penh, they do side jobs of picking up and dropping off packages and mails. Do not recommend if you are expecting a flight.

Kimleng over 4 years

Overfilled. over 4 years

The van was packed. We were literally travelling on top of our luggage.

Come Geffroy over 4 years


Traveller 54742 over 4 years

Late almost two hours

Sineat Ran over 4 years

Sineat Ran over 4 years

ឡានចាស់ គ្មានខ្សែក្រវ៉ាត់

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