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Pete jobson almost 4 years

You failed to turn up and we had to take a local bus. I don't think that was very good service. In fact it was no service at all. Zero points from us ☹️

Traveller 71325 almost 4 years

Not recommend with seat and driver sleak to loud

Traveller 82047 almost 4 years

Chhour almost 4 years

Trip took around 2h longer than announced and bus wasn't as VIP as others, it had one more row of seats than others, making each leg space smaller.

Hiro almost 4 years

The bus driver was not focused on driving. I have had many bus trips. However, it was the first time for such a slow driver. This driver was always driving while talking to someone on the phone.

Harry almost 4 years

Mizuki almost 4 years

Pnh - Kep almost 4 years

Good ride from Phnom Penh to Kep

Dom almost 4 years

Traveller 78860 almost 4 years

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